Publisher's Vision

From the Desk of Darrel Geis

From our humble beginnings in 1991, the mission of the Christian Blue Pages has been to effectively connect consumers -- people like you and me -- to Kingdom-minded Christians in business and ministry.  At the heart of this mission is our two-fold purpose:

  1. To provide a resource that encourages the body of Christ to put their hands to the plow and support each other in the marketplace, crossing the denominational, racial and ethnic lines that so often divide us as believers. (Galatians 6:10)

  2. To provide a platform where Christians in business can shine their light (Matt 5:16) in the marketplace to believers and non-believers alike.

I am proud to say that over the years, the team at the Christian Blue Pages from sales, to production, to distribution has faithfully committed to bringing this message of unity and purpose to our advertisers and consumers on a daily basis.

Preparing for New Opportunities

We have been, for the past 18 years, a print-based publisher that includes a web component.  With technology changing at breakneck speed, we have begun the transition into a web-based publisher that offers a print component.  As we plan our course (Prov. 16:9) at the Christian Blue Pages, God is directing our steps to serve more markets with improved web technology that allows consumers to more easily locate Kingdom-minded Christians in business. 

Currently serving nine markets throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, our goals include expanding to 40+ markets by 2015, while significantly increasing the number of product and service choices offered to consumers.  In addition, we desire to provide the most affordable, effective, and purposeful advertising opportunities available to the Christian business owner.

The Christian Blue Pages is positioned to advance the kingdom of God in the marketplace for many years to come.  We believe every Christian in business is also a Christian in ministry, and directing resources to these businesses should be a priority of every believer.  By God’s grace, that commitment will become reality across our great nation, and in your own heart as well.

Serving the King,

Darrel Geis

Darrel Geis


President & Publisher of the Christian Blue Pages, graduated with a B.A. in Journalism from The Ohio State University. Darrel joined the Christian Blue Pages staff in May 1991 as a Cincinnati sales representative, was promoted to sales manager in 1993, Vice President in 1995, and President & Publisher in 1997. 
Darrel currently resides in Cincinnati with his wife and two sons, and attends North Cincinnati Community Church.  His passion for Christ and commitment to supporting, encouraging, equipping and networking the Body of Christ fuels the vision for the Christian Blue Pages to be the national leader in the marketing of Christian product and service providers.


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